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Divorce Guide

Obligations while leaving the marital home

After divorce all your surroundings would change, things would not remain the same after divorce. After your divorce is through apart from taking care of yourself, you would have to fulfil duties in regard to the upbringing of your children.

When parents separate from each other, one can see a direct effect of the same on their children. Children become emotionally unstable.

Obligations while leaving the marital home-

After all the legal proceedings are over, it would be vital to identify your marital estate. Marital estate comprises of all the assets and the debts which were acquired while being married.

You would have to acquire all he information in regard to assets such as the house, car, valuables, and valuable piece of artwork, investment account or even a retirement account. You must keep in mind that an asset is anything which involves money.

It would be a lot easier if you take note on the following things-

Income and assets-
  1. Copies of all trusts
  2. Copies of whole life insurance policies
  3. Copies of life annuities
  4. Recent statement from life policies
  5. Copies of corporate papers
  6. Retirement account statements- from the date of marriage and one current statement
  7. Income tax returns for the previous five years
  8. Approximate valuation of all real estate which was acquired during marriage
  9. Approximate value of the marital residence if owned
  10. Avowals from current investment accounts
  11. Avowals from college savings accounts for minor children
  12. Estimated value of automobiles
  13. Itemization of jewellery or pieces of valuable artwork
  1. Current mortgage balances
  2. Current credit card statements
  3. Automobile loans
  4. Student loans
  5. Secured loans
  6. Promissory notes

Family matters-

If your children are under 18years of age, they would in all probability be living with you. You would have to support your children. Your husband would be liable to provide you with temporary support, if granted by the court. Your husband would also have the following rights-

  1. He would be allowed to spend time with the children on weekly basis or on holidays
  2. He would have the right to receive information about the children in regard to their schooling, health and well-being.

It would be the duty of the parent handling children to continually update the other parent about the events and activities in regard to the children. You would have to update your ex-husband if there is change in the employment status, residential address, children’s school and other important alteration that affects the children.

You can also take the help of a family mediator, if you are unable to handle the situation on your own. A mediator is professional who has legal or even social work background. The mediator would work towards resolving family disputes and would help in deciding arrangements which would be beneficial for you and your children.

You would gain much more success and save time and money, if you take help and guidance from a reputed legal attorney. Legal attorneys can help simplify case and make things easier for you to handle.

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