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Marriage annulment

Marriage annulment is a legal procedure which declares the marriage as cancelled. Annulment ends a marriage on a specific date. The marriage with the annulment procedure makes the marriage union completely null and void. To declare the marriage as null, a legal declaration would be required.

Annulment is a much simpler and easier way to obtain seperation. Annulment is also a legal procedure which ends a marriage. This seperation procedure works towards erasing the marriage and makes it seem that it never actually took place. There would be no records which would suggest that a marriage was solemnised between the couple.

As is the case for divorce, even for marriage annulment one would have to prove along with valid reasons for ending their marriage. Marriage annulment can be initiated by either husband or wife.

Some grounds for Marriage annulment are as follows-

Grounds for marriage annulment would be different in different states and different legal jurisdictions.

  1. You can file in for annulment if your husband was previously married to some one else at the time of marriage.
  2. If either of the couple was under age or too young to get married
  3. If either spouse got married without court or parental consent
  4. If the marriage was based on either force or fraud
  5. If either of the spouse was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of marriage
  6. If your spouse was mentally incompetent at the time of marriage
  7. If your spouse was physically incapable or impotent at the time of marriage
  8. If your partner has been unfaithful or if infidelity exists in the marriage
  9. If the relationship shared by both the parties is not acceptable by law

The marriage can also be declared as invalid, in cases where the union between the married couple was never consummated.

Marriage can also be considered null and void because of- bigamy, instability, and mental illness. While divorce stays in records, annulment can be completely wiped out.

The process of marriage annulment is as follows-

The first requirement would be to meet the residency requirements of the state you are residing in. You would have to be living in the state where you want to receive a marriage annulment.

You should hire a professional lawyer, who would be able to help you out with the entire procedure and procedure which is prevalent in your state. Annulment criteria’s would not be the same in every state.

Make sure that the criteria you would be providing for an annulment is valid and eligible for the annulment. Criteria under which an annulment would be surely granted is in the case of biologically being related. If your husband or you were in the state of drunkenness or under some sort of intoxication, you would be liable to receive a marriage annulment.

With marriage annulment the parties would return to their single statues. It should be noted that marriage annulment would rarely be granted when there are children involved.

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