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Divorce Guide

Managing finances after divorce

Divorce calls for a number of changes. Life is never the same after divorce. Along with emotional turmoil, divorce also causes concerns about financial management after divorce. Managing finances after divorce is a very vital aspect which requires care and understanding.

After your divorce is through, you would have to be well prepared for the financial challenges you would face.

Managing finances after divorce-

Know you’re financial structure: You should be aware of the fact that that your finances would not remain the same after divorce. By knowing your present financial structure you would know if your monthly income would suffice for your monthly expenses. You should plan your monthly expenses and curtail unnecessary costs.

Make way for additional costs: While being married the costs in regard to household expenses such as food and day to day utilities were split between you and your husband, but after divorce you would have to pay the household costs on your own. While running a household on your own, you would have to keep a budget for additional costs.

Acquire new money skills: You should learn new money skills to manage your money in an orderly manner. You can acquire new money management skills by being aware of balancing your cheque book, cutting costs, shopping wisely and paying utility bills promptly.

Invest wisely: If you’re divorce calls for liquidation of property and other valuables, you should invest your income wisely. The money you receive should not be spent on useless items. With the money you save and invest, you could use the same for your children’s future and for your retirement.

Receive advice on assets and liabilities: You would have to know that the manner in which asset division and liabilities would be dealt after your divorce. In cases where you hold joint accounts with your husband and where you both have a important role to play in business proceedings it would advisable to get proper advice on the same. In the same manner you should also be aware of credit card loans which you may have co-signed with your ex-husband during marriage.

Alter financial information: After you have made the required changes to joint assets, you should also alter legal documents such as your life insurance policies and your will. Your will should reflect what you like to do with your property and assets.

Invest in future plans: Now that you are aware of the fact that you would not receive support from your husband throughout your life, you would have to make plans for the future. Get financial advice from an expert who has dealt with similar cases in the past. Your monetary requirements should be met when you stop working. You should know of ways to save your money and invest your income well for a sound retirement.

While managing your finances after divorce, it would be of immense help if you get financial advice from a professional. Getting a financial health check up on regular basis would also keep financial worries away.

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