Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Getting through a divorce

Divorce is an emotionally as well mentally torturing event that has shown to affect many couples. Divorce makes couples sulk and regret every decision in their life. Getting through a divorce maybe a tough task, but is possible if you follow some easy steps.

Steps on Getting through a divorce-

Indulge in exercise: Exercise brings about a feel good factor in the mind and is a great stress reliever. Exercise aids in releasing endorphins which help in lifting ones mood. You take to walking, swimming or even going to the gym.

Vent out to friends: You would feel much better about the situation when you talk your heart out to your friends. When you vent out all your emotions to your friends you would feel much better and lighter. You should look for a support system which would encourage you. When you have a good support system you would be able to face changing emotions and handle tough situations.

Spend some time alone: Though socialising is very important, along with socialising it would be vital to spend some quality time alone. Find time where you would be with yourself. Avoid dating immediately after divorce as it maybe on a rebound. You can read a book, listen to some soothing music or go for a day spa. In the process of spending time with yourself you can be your best friend.

Focus on I instead of us: You have been living with the feeling of “us” for quite some time. Start thinking about yourself, you would feel much at ease when you remove the feeling of us.

Pamper yourself: Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul after a divorce. Get a manicure for yourself, visit a spa or go shopping. When feel better on the outside, you would automatically feel much better on the inside.

Do things you always wanted to: Do things which you had planned to do, when you were single. Realise your dreams and aspirations. Now your husband wouldn’t hold you back from what you always wanted to achieve.

Re-do your house: Re-decorate your house the way you want to. Get new furniture, bright lighting and new curtains. Do up the rooms in a style which would suit you and your personal style.

Journaling: You can get through your divorce by writing down every single emotion you had to deal with. Write down what you would like to ask your counselor. Be honest with yourself and set some goals which you would like to achieve in the new future.

Professional counseling: What you maybe able to tell your counselor, you not be able to tell your friends or family. With a professional counselor you can determine the main reason behind your divorce. A professional counselor would help you achieve a better balanced mind and make you think in a clear manner.

You should always keep in mind that getting stressed or worried would be of no help. It would be important to come to terms with the situation and move ahead in life.

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