Divorce Guide

Divorce Guide

Getting a divorce yourself!

Divorce is quite a tedious and time consuming process. If you plan to get your divorce on your own, you would have to be patient and determined. When you get your divorce done on your own, you would have to be ready to file divorce papers and serve the divorce papers. You would have to go on your own to the courts for the hearing of your case.

Papers cannot be served without filing the papers in the court. During the divorce process, it would required by you to obtain proof of service.

Filing the divorce papers on your own-

Be aware of the law: You must be aware of the law orders which are prevalent in your state. You should familiarise yourself with the requirements and stipulations in the state you are residing in. It would be beneficial to do proper research on state laws to save time and energy.

The forms you would be required to file are-

Divorce petitions: Divorce petitions are the legal documents which mention the reasons for seeking divorce and the demands from your side. Petitions should contain information about your residency. The divorce petition would only be considered if you have lived in your state for specific number of years or the required time duration.

Child custody/support and alimony: If you have children you must fill the forms in regard to child support or custody. For child support or custody, you would have to propose as what would be required by your spouse for your child or where your child would be residing. For alimony, you would require to fill forms which contain a list of source of income and the expenses which would be incurred by you.

Monetary/ financial documents: You would require documents in relation to bank account information, tax returns, debts, loans, investment documents and mortgages within the time period of the previous three to five years. Be aware of the joint accounts held or freeze the accounts. Make copies of relevant documents and keep them in safe custody.

Acquire and fill divorce forms: Divorce forms can be obtained from office supplies stores or you can also download divorce forms from the internet. While downloading forms from the internet, you would have to download state specific forms. Fill the forms, only after reading the contents well. Avoid making any mistakes while filling divorce forms.

File the divorce papers: While filing for the divorce papers in the court, you would require to pay a filing fee. Before you take the divorce papers to the court make sure that everything is signed and it is witnessed where necessary. You would also need to take your ID and marriage certificate to the court.

After filing in the divorce papers, you would be provided a court date for hearing and papers in a sealed envelope.

You should remember that opting for divorce was your decision and it would affect your life in the future. It would be wise if you work towards making yourself financially secure and sound.

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