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Divorce Guide

Financial considerations for a divorce

Divorce has a major impact on the finances of an individual after divorce. Divorce changes ones lifestyle and sometimes not for the better. The most suited way to plan your finances after divorce is being prepared for the worst. While planning your finances for divorces avoid making blunders and huge purchases.

During divorce donít act on an impulse but act in calm manner.

Financial considerations for a divorce-

While you take financial decisions for your divorce, donít let emotions come in the way. Keep you emotions and your finances as separate issues. For example- though you may be attached to your home but you canít afford it.

It would be beneficial for you if you remember that you are not entitled to get everything. There would proper guidelines which you would have to follow. There would be guidelines in regard to division of assets and valuables in the house.

When it comes to making financial decisions, both you and your ex-husband must c-operate with matters.

Financial considerations and credit-

Protecting ones credit is an important aspect while on financial considerations for a divorce. You should work towards maintaining your credit rating at all costs.

Some steps to maintain your credit rating are as under-

  1. Acquire a copy of your credit report. In some states one is entitled to get a free copy of a credit report every year. You should try and get a copy from each of the major credit bureaus as the information from credit bureau to credit bureau would not be the same. After you acquire the report, you should ensure that you go through every single detail which is mentioned in the report. Make sure that you understand every section in the report.
  2. At anytime if you feel that the information on the credit report is wrong, you must inform the credit bureau. The credit bureau would send you a form to fill and verify the same information with the creditor.
  3. Ensure that all your bills are paid on time. You and your ex should concentrate on paying off debts which are jointly held. Liabilities cannot be changed even with the help of a divorce decree. You would be made to pay the debts, if your ex fails to do so.
  4. In some cases you can also place a fraud alert on your credit report. If you do not require instant credit, you can notify the credit bureaus to attach a statement to your credit report; the same statement would request creditors not to approve of any new accounts without contacting your first. With this you can protect yourself from fraud and other people opening credit accounts in your name.
  5. You should keep in mind that public record information such as bankruptcies and tax liens would also appear on your credit report.

Financial strains during divorce are known to be quite major and strenuous. During divorce you should be able to negotiate fairly and evaluate what you own. At all times you must be aware of your state laws in regard to property division.

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