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Earning a living after divorce

After your divorce it would be important to become financially independent and secure. For earning a living after divorce, you would have to choose a career which would be suitable for yourself. You would have to prepare yourself for a new life with a new resume and interview preparation.

Earning a living after divorce-

More than a choice it becomes a necessity to earn a living after a divorce. Since you were married all the expenses ranging from household chores to household utilities were divided. Your husband also paid for the upbringing of the children, but now after divorce you would have to take hold of the entire situation.

Other than getting a job for yourself, you can also do what you always wanted. After divorce you can choose to do what you had always dreamt of.

Some steps to start earning a living after divorce-

You should begin to determine the type of job you want by making a list of your interest and strengths. You should be aware of what you are good at, what do you find challenging and what you know you’ll be good at without getting tired. It would be essential to choose or select a job which engages your passion.

Assessment test: When you go for a job it would help you if you take a skills assessment test. Assessment tests are combination of your interests, strengths and individual personality. By appearing for assessment tests you would realise which career you are suitable for.

Additional training: After you have determined the type of career you want, you should work to get some additional training. Additional training would better your existing skills and make you a professional in your chosen field.

Job search: You should search for jobs which would work and compliment your strengths. Apply for at least twenty jobs at one time, by doing so you would be getting a better chance of getting at least one job of your preference. Spend quality time on searching jobs.

Resume writing: Your resume should not be lengthy. Your resume should portray your skills and accomplishments. The skills you possess should be portrayed in such a manner that your future employers would look at you as an asset.

With earning a living, you should also know how you should be saving on money. You should plan and budget your expenses.


Budgeting during divorce is often overlooked. Rarely couples give importance to budgeting. With a budget you can realistically approach living on your income. Initially you would have to pay for household bills. It would wise to set up a central location and put the bills in the same location. You should sort out the bills according to their respective due date.

Save money-

You must save money where you can. Avoid over spending and curtail your expenditure wherever possible. You should start by getting your insurance done. It would be wise to get your health, life and auto insurance in place.

After divorce you can earn a good standard of living by remaining determined and focussed.

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