Divorcing an Abusive husband

An abusive husband is one, who likes to take control of his wife no matter what circumstance or situation. Before divorcing your abusive husband you would have to plan hard. You should know exactly where you would be going after divorce.

While in the process of divorcing an abusive husband, you should keep in mind some considerations. Inform your friends and family of your plan, so that they would be able to support you during a demanding situation.

Divorcing an Abusive husband-

Physical violence is a threat to ones life and can leave one exhausted with the situation. In such a situation it would be wise to have an escape plan in mind. Start staying in a room which is secure and preferably away from yours husbandís room. Your room should have space, from where you can go outside the house. While in the process from distancing yourself from your husband, you would have to give into verbal demands in order to get some time.

Protect yourself from an abusive husband-

Legal help: The most suited and safe way to escape an abusive husband is to take legal help. It is a known fact that an abuser gets provoked with a divorce action. An abuserís violence and hatred is known to escalate with divorce proceedings. You should keep in mind that while receiving legal help, law enforcement would not able to protect you throughout the day.

Hire a lawyer who has experience in handling domestic violence cases. Your lawyer should be able to prevent you from an unfair result. Your divorce attorney would be able to enlighten the judge about the situation you are going through and would also be able to protect your children.

Restraining order: The court would be able to help you out from the situation with a restraining order. The most crucial time after a retraining order is issued would be to keep yourself sound and secure for the initial 24 hours. When you do get a restraining order, it would be beneficial to ask the police to take rounds of your house to make sure everything is safe.

Children and custody: While divorcing your abusive husband make sure that you take your children along with you. The judge would at least feel that you are a caring parent, as you didnít leave your children in a precarious situation.

While leaving an abusive husband, you would have to prepare yourself.

Some of things you would require are-

  1. Making copies of papers, important records, bills.
  2. Close joint accounts and make sure that credit cards are in your name
  3. Get a new bank account
  4. Make sure you carry some extra money and extra clothes

When you move out from the house after divorcing an abusive husband, make sure that you go to a shelter which you can trust. If you feel that your husband may try and find out your whereabouts, think in the manner he would think. Try and keep yourself safe and secure.