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Divorce and your In laws

Divorce is hard time for both the families. As it would be for your parents, it would be the same for your in-laws as well. Staying in touch with your in-laws and maintaining a healthy relation would be most suited for your children and yourself. Your in-laws would be able to support you and help you go through with tough and tiring times.

Your divorce maybe through, but your children are still a part of your husband’s family. If you keep good relations with your in-laws, so can your children. If you are free and cordial with your in-laws they would probably understand your situation and provide you with warmth and care.

Divorce and your children-

Divorce is a sensitive event and changes ones life and outlook completely. The divorce proceedings are disruptive in nature; divorce has known to break family ties and relationships.

Children in most cases are traumatised with the entire divorce process, children as adults also go through a lot of stress and frustration with divorce and legal proceedings. Children feel most comfortable and secure with their grandparents.

Divorce and your In-laws-

While seeking divorce or after divorce, you would have to take into account what kind of relationship you shared with your in-laws.

If your in-laws took to you as their daughter and never did anything wrong with you, you should give them due respect. You can continue your relation with your in-laws like before without severing ties with them.

You should ensure that you are on good terms with your in-laws from the beginning. You should work towards communicating with your in-laws and show that you value their support. Your in-laws should know that you do not want to end ties with them, even though your marriage with their son is over.

If you have not shared good relations with your in-laws, you can keep some amount of contact with them, without making long visits. Rather than severing ties, you can keep your in-laws as acquaintances. By maintaining cordial relations with your in-laws you can make sure that your divorce goes through in a calm manner.

Some points to remember-

While keeping your interest in mind, you should also keep the interest of your children in mind. You need not take your children away from their grandparents. Your children and grandparents did nothing wrong to get involved with your divorce.

You have to choose and decide as what would be suitable and best suited for everyone and most importantly your children. Hear what everyone has to say, listen to suggestions from everyone’s point of view and then make a decision. Avoid making any decision in a hurry as it would lead to unnecessary repercussions.

Refrain from bad mouthing your ex-husband in front of your in-laws. You should always keep in mind that your ex-husband is their son and they would not like to hear anything bad about their son from their daughter in-law.

Once you make an effort to be nice towards your in-laws, you would face less stress and tension and live a serene life.

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