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Divorce and Infidelity

Infidelity in a marriage is known to be one of the major reasons for divorce. Infidelity is a very common aspect in many marriages. Infidelity has the capacity to completely ruin your marriage and emotional state. You feel cheated when your husband indulges in an extra-marital affair.

Divorce is caused when one faces betrayal and emotional hurt. It is extremely tough for one to overcome feelings of mistrust. Infidelity changes ones marriage forever.

Divorce and infidelity-

Infidelity brings along with it negative emotions, hurt and pain. It gives a huge blow to the commitment vows which were taken during marriage. It causes disturbing mayhem for the cheater as well for the cheated. The cheating spouse also goes through guilt, during some point in time.

Infidelity can be categorised in two types which are physical infidelity and emotional infidelity. As compared to women, men react strongly towards physical infidelity and women react more towards emotional fidelity.

Feelings which accompany infidelity are- suicidal thoughts, depression, loss of innocence, shattered dreams, expectations, psychological hyper reactions and behaviour, anxiety and a feeling of loss. The cheated undergoes emotions, as if it were some tragedy and has a strong feeling of taking revenge.

Infidelity also causes an array of emotions in the partner which cheats. The cheating partner fears punishment, feels apprehensive, guilty and loss of dreams. The cheating partner also undergoes feelings of shame, loss of self-esteem and self worth.

Tips to cope with infidelity-

Seek professional help: It would be much better to seek professional help than talking to your friends. A professional would give an unbiased solution to your problems. A good therapist can guide you through the entire process.

Try and reconnect: Try and reconnect with yourself. Do things which would make you happy. Take up a new hobby or go out and meet new people.

Check your fury: The victims who have to face infidelity feel extreme feelings of fury towards their cheating spouse. You should try and vent your frustration and anger in controlled and peaceful way. Instead of feeling angry, it would be much better to find for a solution.

Establish and determine the reasons for infidelity: It is often believed that infidelity is caused due to many other problems which accompany marriage. Infidelity could be one of the main reason, but there maybe some other reasons too which have led to a bad marriage. Try and look for a solution for all your problems.

Commit to a solution: If you want your marriage to work out, allow your partner to admit to the extra-marital affair he was having. Your husband should make sure that he would severe all contacts with his lover.

Infidelity in some cases has served as a wake up call, where partners have worked on their relationship and have made their marriage a stronger bond.

It is surely not easy to overcome feelings of betrayal and to put the past behind. Infidelity is a life changing event which can either break you or make you a stronger human being.

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