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Divorce and Emotional Abusing

Emotional abuse is referred to an internal violence. Emotional abuse causes the abused to be sad and depressed. This sort of abuse is interlinked with a series of ugly incidents over a period of time. Unlike physical abuse, the scars are inward.

Divorce and emotional abusing -

Emotional abuse during marriage is such an intricate issue that the victim often fails to understand that they are going through emotional abuse. The victim of emotional abuse feels depression, anxiety and feeling of being completely stressed with the situation.

The abuser abuses the victim in more than one ways. Emotional abuse other than name calling also includes actions which are humiliating, degrading, threatening and isolating in nature.

Filing for divorce is often seen as a way out from emotional abuse. Divorce in some cases is the only answer to end emotional abuse since emotional abuse also includes- blame, neglect, aggressive demands, aggressive expectations, harassment, terrorizing, ignoring, emotional manipulations, criticisms and insults.

Divorce is known to be the ultimate decision with regard to emotional abuse, since the wife begins to feel threatened, punished, intimidated and harassed by the husband.

While seeking divorce, you would require the help from a specialised legal attorney, to gain custody of children. An abusing husband in most cases desires the custody of children to prove that he is stronger and more capable as a parent.

How an emotional abuser works -

  1. An abuser starts his abuse by attacking the very being of his spouse. The abuser aims at attacking the confidence and inner strength of the other person.
  2. An emotional abuser is shown to have difficulty in forming and maintaining healthy relationships. A person who uses emotional abuse has numbed his inner feelings and sentiments. <>liEmotional abusers are known to lack feelings of compassion, ability to communicate their inner most feelings and true emotions.
  3. The emotional abuser often tries to isolate his wife from family and friends.
  4. The abuser would also discourage independent activities such as activities with friends or classes.
  5. The husband during emotional abuse accuses his wife of being unfaithful and expects her to partake in sexual activities without her choice.
  6. The abusing husband also criticises his wife’s weight, looks and the manner in which she dresses up.
  7. An emotional abuser would often seek out ways to control the financial decisions and withhold financial information or necessary financial documents. The abuser would also force the spouse to live on limited resources.
  8. The emotional abuser would also like to decisions as to where the couple would live, what type of vehicle to drive and in which manner the house would get furnished.
  9. The abuser in most cases always demonstrates omnipotence or all powerfulness.

Emotional abuse is like being in prison and is crippling in nature. If at any time you feel that you are being robbed of your self esteem, self worth and the ability to think proper you should seek legal help and get a divorce for yourself at the earliest.

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