Advice for the newly divorced

Being newly divorced can be quite a stressful and difficult experience to deal it. Being divorced causes tension and one finds it tough to come to terms with the situation. Looking at the future itself after divorce can be overwhelming, terrifying and challenging. The most suited advice for the newly divorced is to accept the transition from being married to being single once again.

After divorce you should view divorce as an opportunity to welcome a new beginning, an opportunity for empowerment and growth.

Advice for the newly divorced-

Let time heal the pain- Healing wounds is a time consuming process, allow time to heal the pain divorce has caused. There would be no point rushing into the healing process with drastic steps. You should give yourself enough time, to come to terms with all emotions positive and negative. When you give time for inner healing, you would thereafter move ahead without anger, pain, confusion and resentment.

Receive help and seek support from others-

Though you may want to be alone with yourself and your thought process, you should at the same time meet your family and friends. Sometimes, friends and family may hesitate to help you on their own thinking they may worsen your situation. You must ask for support from your friends and family. You can also seek help from a psychologist who would guide you through the entire process in a suitable manner. During therapy you can share your thoughts, feelings, fears and concerns about your feelings in relation to your divorce.

Learn to let go of the past-

Though it maybe extremely tough to let go the past, you must and try do so. After divorce one usually feels betrayed and lonely. With feelings of anger and betrayal yet with you it would be impossible for you to move on in life. Let go of feelings which are related to your ex husband and focus on what you like and prefer.

Discover the real you-

During marriage many people ignore what they like and what they prefer as individuals. Ones focus other than oneself goes towards the husband, the children and household chores. During marriage one knows what exactly is expected and what one is supposed to do. After divorce one suffers from not knowing what to do with all the time which was focused on the house. During this time when you are at a lost, you should explore what you like, the hobbies which you left behind and formulate new interests. You can also meet new people and re-establish old friendships.

Begin afresh-

After your divorce is over give yourself time to grow and establish a happy lifestyle. You must leave the past behind and begin your life on a new note without feelings of hatred and mistrust.

While in the process of overcoming your present situation, you would have to accept the situation and forget about the past. There would be no point in thinking what you could have done or where you went wrong.