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Divorce Guide

Why dating after divorce is so hard ?

Divorce is a life changing event and brings about a change in the manner an individual thinks about a relationship. After divorce many people find it hard to come to terms with the situation and hard to leave their emotional baggage behind.

Why dating after divorce is so hard?

Divorce brings about feelings of failure and mistrust. Many feel hesitant to enter the world of dating after divorce. There also people who feel awkward and resistant towards dating after divorce.

Reasons why dating after divorce is so hard

  1. Divorce makes one feel very low on ones confidence and they often feel they have been a failure in the past. Men are known to shy away from dating after divorce, since they feel what if they have to go through with failure again.
  2. Divorce makes individuals compare their dates to their ex, especially when one finds the behaviour of the date completely different from that of the ex-wife.
  3. When it comes to children in the house, dating can turn out even more problematic. Children are known to be very sensitive when their parents date some one else other than their other parent.
  4. After divorce many men come on to their defensive side, rather than on the offensive side.

Tips to make dating after divorce simple

  1. Take dating as an experience to meet new and interesting people and as a way to enjoy yourself. Divorce makes one feel deprived and dating can help lessen the feeling of being deprived.
  2. Let your friends and family know that you are ready to date again. Your friends and family would know and understand what you require and which person would be suitable for your temperament.
  3. Allow dating to help you get over your past without bitter and negative energies.
  4. Be optimistic and open minded when you meet people. Give yourself time and donít tie yourself down to various rules and regulations.
  5. Donít compare your date to your ex wife. You should keep in that people are made differently and it would be not right to compare two individuals.
  6. Only talk to your children when you are serious about the person you are dating and are likely to take the relationship forward.
  7. Keep your mind open to blind dates; you never know the person you meet on a blind date can turn out to be the type of person you are actually looking for. Try and socialize whenever possible.
  8. Begin to start thinking what you are looking at in your new relationship. When you know what you are looking at in relationship you be able to find the right date or potential partner.

If you are sill negative about your past, think before dating. Your date shouldnít feel at anytime that you are dating her on a rebound.

You should always be prepared for let downs. Dating involves good times as well as bad times. If you are looking for a long term relationship, you would have to be patient as well as persistent.

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