Tips for divorced dads

Divorce is known to be quite an unsettling event and more so for the children. Children find it extremely difficult to cope with divorce and the fact that their parents would not be living together.

A divorced dad has to deal with added responsibilities and face new challenges every single day. In most cases men are blamed for the divorce. Fathers have to cope with the idea of letting their ex-wife take the custody of their children and be content with a visitation schedule.

Being a divorced dad, you should try spending as much time as you can with your children.

Tips for divorced dads-

Donít date a woman, who wants more importance in your life than your kids. You should always keep in mind that your children would care and support you more than the woman you are dating. Make your relationship with your children strong and put them ahead of everything.

Donít let your children doubt your love for them. Refrain from comparing siblings, when you compare siblings they would feel less important and also feel that you have no feelings for them.

Move closer to where your children stay. When you stay closer to your children, you would be able to spend quality time with them. Make an effort to be with your children when you are needed the most, like every birthday, school play or every game.

What ever maybe the situation or the circumstance, donít discuss your ex-wife. You would gain nothing by being negative or taking ill about your ex-wife. When you talk bad about your ex-wife, your children would hold the same against you.

More tips for single fathers-

Acceptance: You can cope with the idea of being a single father by accepting the fact that you are single and you are ready to move on.

Communication: With communication you can vent your emotions and feel lighter from the inside. You can learn how to express your pain without aggression.

Be aware: Educate yourself with what is required. Take help from every source which is available. Take help from support groups, professionals, tapes and books. When you have knowledge of what to do and how to do, you can learn how to strengthen your relation with your children.

Enrichment: It would do and your child good when you consult a child psychologist, a child psychologist would be helpful in assisting you with a plan which would be designed to heal your child from the impact of divorce. A child psychologist would also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a parent.

Donít allow feelings which are negative in nature. Donít feel discouraged if things donít go according to your plan. Learn to plan in such a way, that you can save time, money and also care of your children.

Even after divorce, you should remember that your children are as important for you. You should let go of the grief and start afresh. Take care of your children at all times and let them know they can ask you for help whenever required.