Summer visitation tips

Fathers who have non-custodial rights over their children in most cases have to make most of summer visits with their children. Spending time throughout the year is very tough for the non –custodial parent and it is tough to make it through for the weekend as well.

Short weekend breaks through the year will not allow you to spend quality time with your children and there would also be no continuity. If you try and rush into spending time with your children it would look and feel very artificial.

Summer visitation

During summer holidays it is the best time you can spend quality time with your children. During summers there would be no hang ups like pick ups and drops and there would be no rushing in during the weekends. You can spend uninterrupted time with the children during their summer break.

Summer visitation tips

Create positive hope and anticipation: Try and plan your summer visits in advance. When you plan in advance and let your children know what they can expect would lead to positive hope and anticipation. Let your children know about your summer visit via- phone calls and emails.

Give your kids time to adjust: Allow your kids time to adjust to the new environment you are bringing them to. The environment they are used to in their home would be different from your home. Be patient while they adjust to a new routine.

Gather information about your child: Since most of the time you live away from your children, you would not know much about your children. It would be a good idea to know what they like to eat, what medicines they may require and they regular habits. During the summer break you can get to know more about your children along with their likes and dislikes.

Spend individual time: Spending quality time as well as individual time with the kids is very important. If you have a daughter, you can take her out to a movie and if you have son, you can plan the day around some sport like tennis or golf.

Make sure they are in touch with their mother: Even though you maybe sharing a bitter relationship with your ex-wife, it is important that you allow your kids to stay in touch with their mother. During the summer visit encourage your kids to stay in touch with their mother via- phone calls, messages, emails and letters. Your kids would respect you further when you show respect towards their mother.

Try and know what your children like and also know about their interests. The more you about what your children take to would enable you to hold a conversation with them. Throughout the summer break, you must concentrate on your kids and work to strengthen your relationship with them always.

As a father you can most of the summer holidays and summer visits with your children. You can create a strong bond with your children during the summer break. Every positive effort you make would count.