Long distance and Out of state visitation

Dealing and coping with long distance and out of state visitation becomes very difficult and cumbersome when one parent relocates after divorce. For the non-custodial parent it becomes extremely tough to balance life, especially when children are involved.

Fathers in most cases are the non-custodial parent. As a parent one has to make every single effort to keep ones relationship with the children healthy and strong.

Long distance and Out of state visitation

As a father you must make sure you are able to maintain visitation rights towards your children, though you maybe living in another state. It would necessary for your child to realise that as a father you would be there for your child whenever necessary and required. You should always keep in mind that your child would always need you for emotional support and love.

Steps to maintain a long distance relationship with out of state visitation

  1. It would be required by you to keep a copy of your court order for visitation. According to the UCCJEA- the uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act it enforces the custody agreement drawn up in the state in which the children resided at the time of the divorce. By doing so the laws have been adjusted to meet the requirements of parents who reside in a different state other than their children. The parents would have to follow the agreement no matter what the local regulations are or till the time a different agreement has been approved in the court.
  2. According to the law, reliable transportation would have to be provided for the parent to visit their children in another state. Transportation can also be provided for the children to visit the non-custodial parent. Modes of transportation which is used include- buses, planes, trains and cars. The mode of transportation which one uses would depend on the age of the children, requirements of the court, distance and the wishes of the custodial parent.
  3. Be cordial with the custodial parent. You must try and maintain a cordial relationship with the custodial parent for the sake of your children, even though you may not enjoy a good relationship or you are still bitter about the past. When talking to the custodial parent, you must remain positive about the children and their accomplishments in life. As a parent you must support the custodial parentís role in bringing up your children. The custodial parent must know that you would be there to support your children in difficult times.
  4. To maintain a healthy and workable relationship with your children, you must keep contact with your children even outside visits via- emails, writing letters and even regular telephone calls. Keeping regular and up to date contact with your children would ensure that they can rely on you always.
  5. Be there for your children. Your children should know that you are available for them. You should keep time aside to accept phone calls from your children and also return messages.

You must keep the best interest of your child in mind always before making any decision.