Learning to trust again

When trust is broken during marriage, it is very difficult to trust again. Getting through with a divorce is considered a stressful event. To move on in life after divorce and to find a new partner it would be most important to trust again. Without trust in your new relationship, you wouldnít be able to move forward with the right approach and mindset.

Learning to Trust again-

Trust yourself :You cannot even to begin to trust anyone else if you donít trust yourself. Though you may feel horrible after your divorce and you may even blame yourself for divorce, you need not think that way. You should always tell yourself that your marriage failure had nothing to do with you. You should always tell yourself that there was nothing wrong with your thought process.

Take your time : Divorce is felt like a personal loss most of the times. Give yourself time to come out of the situation. Only if you give yourself enough time, would you be able to like some one or even trust some one again and it has always been proven that time is an excellent healer of wounds.

Avoid rushing or hustling into things

Donít rush into things after your divorce. When one takes hasty decisions, one ends up making a lot of mistakes. Though you may feel lonely rushing into a relationship would be of no use. You must give yourself time and you must consider all your options. It would be advisable to weigh the pros and cons before taking any decision.

Know the facts :When you know that you are unable to trust people after your divorce, donít ignore the issue. Ignoring the issue that you canít trust people would not help you; instead you should face up to the issue. Only after you realise the issue, would you take up the issue.

Join new social groups :After your divorce, you can take this time to meet new people and socialise. During marriage, people do things as a couple, after your divorce you can do things on your own without any sort of pressure.

Join a counselling group :When you join a counselling group, you would be able to talk about every single thing you are feeling and the emotions you are going through. In counselling sessions, you can talk to people who have gone through with same issue of divorce. You would soon come to know that you are not alone and there are many people going through with the same problem.

Learn to communicate :Keeping all your doubts within you is not going to help. Talk to your friends and family about what you feel and how divorce has affected you.

If you really want to move on in life after divorce, you would have to trust some one and have faith in some one other than yourself. Trust is a very crucial element to any relationship and only with trust you can lay the foundation for a new relationship. You can only marry some one you can trust and care for.