How to stop a divorce when your wife wants a divorce ?

One finds oneself in a tough spot especially when one partner wants a divorce and the other partner wants to save the marriage. If you truly want to save your marriage, you would have to try your best and work towards it. You would have to take note of the situation and then work in that direction.

How to stop a divorce when your wife wants a divorce?

You should keep in mind that your wife has filed for divorce for a reason or you may not be even aware of the reason. In case you know of the reason think of ways to mend the situation and in case you donít know of the reason give your wife time to open up.

Steps to save your marriage

  1. Try and figure out the real underlying reason for your wife filing for divorce. If you want to stop your wife from filing a divorce, you must want to stay with her no matter what.
  2. Let your wife know that you are more than willing to let go of the past and the past issues. Tell your wife that you are willing to forget sour episodes and want to start afresh.
  3. Your wife should know that at this point in time, saving your marriage is your main criteria and goal. Tell your wife, the more she would concentrate on court dates, lawyers and lawyer fees the more you would concentrate on saving your marriage and avoiding divorce. Tell your wife that you would try and be the best husband she could ever ask for.
  4. Your wife should feel that for you your marriage is everything. Do simple things to please her and make her smile. Make an extra effort and sheíll know that you are trying hard on your part.
  5. Think of ways of how you can better yourself as a husband. Try and improve on your ways and be more caring and considerate towards the needs of your wife. Your wife should feel that you really want to spend your entire life with her.
  6. Talk to your wife in a frank manner and ask her the reasons for her to file for divorce. Tell your wife you have to know of the reasons, so that you donít make the same mistakes again.
  7. Tell your wife that divorce is painful and emotional. Things would not be the same after divorce and it would be worth an effort trying to save your marriage than going in for a divorce.
  8. During the entire process donít shout, accuse and abuse your wife. You must remain matured and calm. Let go of anger and resentment if you want your wife to stay with you.

If you have made mistakes in the past, there would be no harm in admitting to the mistakes. The most important step you can take to save your marriage would be to keep your ego on the side and be humble.

You must remember while wanting to save marriage and avoiding a divorce, you would have to swallow all your pride.