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How to fight a restraining order during a custody battle ?

Restraining orders are usually made against a father. These orders separate fathers from their children. If you want to win the custody of your child, you would have to fight the retraining orders which are against you.

How to fight a restraining order during a custody battle?

The first step towards fighting a restraining order would be to stay informed and be aware of the allegations. Fighting retraining orders has always been a struggle but you would have to work hard.

Steps on how to fight a restraining order during a custody battle-

Gather information: You must gather as much as information you can on what you should be expecting when you are served with an order. With the help of some guides you can know about the procedure and also know of the best way to deal the situation.

Know about the restraining order process: If you want to be ahead of your ex, it would be wise to know of the entire restraining order process. Once you are aware of the process, you would be able to defend your case. It would also benefit you if you know of the implications of fighting a restraining order against your name.

Obey the rules: It is a must to obey and comply with the rules at all times. If you make one single mistake it can go against you in your battle for child custody. If at any time you break the rules, you can be up for an arrest as breaking orders is a criminal offense. Even if you try and contact your ex, it would be considered as a criminal offense.

Get the required help: Do proper research on the best and the most suited lawyer for your case. There would be no point in wasting your money, when it is not put in good and fruitful use. Try and get some recommendations from your friends and family before hiring a lawyer. Your lawyer should be aware of your family and the age of your children. You must find a lawyer you would be pro-active and involved in your case from the beginning. With the right and most suitable help you can move towards fighting your restraining order on a positive note.

While fighting for your restraining order you must focus on

  1. The benefits that your children would gain from seeing you on a regular basis; you must focus on areas such as emotional stability, affection and love, a male guardians influence and practical help with school or homework.
  2. The negative impact on the childrenís life when they donít get to see you on a regular basis or when you are denied visits such as emotional stress, anger and frustration

You should remember that only after you fight the retraining orders which are set up against you can you be apart of your child life and his/hers growing up years. You should keep in mind that you should try your best at seeing your children grow up; you would not get the same chance again in your life.

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