How to avoid dating disasters after divorce ?

Dating after divorce is a perfectly normal thing to do, since divorce leaves one lonely. While dating people make some mistakes which should be avoided. Dating disasters after divorce make one look horrible and one also begins to feel like a looser.

You should only begin dating after divorce, once you are able to leave all the emotional baggage behind. Only after you have completely healed can you start looking for some one new.

How to avoid dating disasters after divorce?

Dating disasters after divorce can be avoided when one is careful as well as understanding.

Some tips to avoid dating disasters after divorce

  1. While dating, you must remain centered and deliberate. When your date speaks makes sure that you are intently listening to her. You date must know that she means a lot to you.
  2. If you want to make the atmosphere light and easy, you can crack some jokes, but make sure that you donít crack dirty jokes.
  3. Compliment your date in a genuine manner. Your date would feel positive when you compliment her.
  4. Be punctual as far as possible, even if for some reason you would be going late inform your date about the same. You must show respect for your date.
  5. Stay focused on your date and donít let your eyes wander while your date is looking at you. Donít be pretentious.
  6. During a conversation donít agree to whatever your date is saying. You can be yourself and share your personal views as well.
  7. Avoid asking questions which you wouldnít feel comfortable asking. Instead ask questions about something which would interest your date. People love talking about something they are passionate about.
  8. Avoid bringing up touchy topics like religion and child support. Avoid talking about your divorce case and how successful you were with your case.
  9. Donít use vulgar language in front of your date. Using vulgar language would turn your date off and she may not want to meet you again.
  10. During your date show respect for your ex wife; refrain from talking ill or bad mouthing your ex.
  11. Donít be judgmental while dating and donít start looking for faults in your date. You should keep in mind that no two people would be the same.
  12. Turn off your cell phone while on a date and donít get drunk. Drinking excessively can indicate that you have problems or you maybe an alcoholic.
  13. Refrain from making uninvited physical advances. You should not look desperate at any time while dating.
  14. You should keep in mind that your date would not like you talking about your ex-wife or the reasons for your divorce. Your date should know that you are positive about the future and you have gotten over your past relationship.

Introduce your kids to your date, only when you become serious about your relationship. Children are known to react strongly when their parents date new people other than their parents.

You can make dating after divorce an enjoyable experience with some positive thinking along with some optimism.