How can fathers win child custody?

Filing for child custody and winning the same has never been easy for a father. To win child custody, you would have to prove in the court that you are suitable a father and you would always do what ever it takes to take proper care of your child.

How can fathers win child custody?

The best way to win child custody is through negotiation and mediation. The battle should not be made ugly for the sake of your child.

Steps on how fathers can win child custody

  1. Gather information and know more on parenting. The more you know about parenting the more prepared you would be in court. You can get to know about parenting by getting enrolled in parenting classes around your area.
  2. Spend as much as time you can with your child. Make it a point to attend important school functions or sport events. Keep a log of everything you do with your child.
  3. Donít bad mouth or talk ill about your wife in front your children. Talking ill about your wife would put you on the negative footing and nor will your children like hearing anything negative about their mother.
  4. The judge would get pleased if you are able to get affidavits from your friends and family. A notarized affidavit would be advantageous towards your child custody case. When someone else talks about you in a positive manner, would be much better than you talking about yourself and your positive qualities.
  5. Your attorney should know of everything in relation to your marriage and the reason behind your divorce. He/she should know everything about you and about your wife. Be honest with your legal attorney at all times.
  6. It is very important to listen to what your attorney has to tell you. You should bear in mind that your attorney knows more about your case than you know.
  7. Keep proof of all the conversations you have with your wife. Get pictures which prove that you part take in activities in relation to your child, like reading stories, saying prayers and doing school work.
  8. When you go the court make sure that you dress well and in an appropriate manner. The judge should know that you are serious about your child custody case.
  9. You can be kind to your child, but donít shower your child with expensive gifts. Your child needs your love and support not money and gifts.
  10. Do as much of research you can on your state laws and your state child custody laws. You should remember that state laws are different in each state.

Work at being balanced and a good parent no matter what the situation demands. Donít bring your child into arguments which involve you and your wife. Donít force your child to show loyalty towards you at any time. If you impose your views on your child, your child would loose respect for you.

You can win your child custody case by being patient and most importantly by being a good father for your child always.