Helping your own custody case

Helping your own custody case can be quite an ordeal, but it is possible with effort and determination. For child custody related issues the odds in most cases are against the father. The father in most cases is the non-custodial parent, unless the mother is an unsuited parent.

Helping your own custody case

The most suited way to prevail over your custody dispute when it moves towards an evaluation would be to prove that you are a good parent for your child. When proving to be a suited parent avoid putting the other parent down, you can point out the faults of your ex-wife especially if she is an unsuited mother but donít talk ill about her at any time. You should keep in mind that when you talk ill about the other parent, you would be on the loosing edge for your custody battle.

When handling your custody case, the court would see to the best interest of the child at all times.

The decision would be in your favour if you have an active role in the following activities of your child:
  1. Disciplining the children in a consistent manner
  2. Taking care of the children whenever required
  3. Serving appropriate meals to the children
  4. Taking off from work to take care when children are ill
  5. Taking the kids to the church
  6. Spending quality time with the kids- watching television, playing and drawing
  7. Participating and planning for birthday parties
  8. Doing required household activities like-putting the kids to bed with bedtime stories, toilet training and dressing up the kids
  9. Taking the kids to play with other children

In almost all cases you would get the custody of your children, if your wife has committed adultery and was into substance abuse like drugs and alcohol. The court would also favour you if your wife has been an abuser, physical abuser, part of any criminal activity, suffered some kind of mental illness or has abandoned the children at any time. The court would see the moral character of the parent before making any sort of decision.

While awarding child custody it is the judge who would decide keeping in mind the benefits of the child.

Some factors the judge would look into are

  1. The wishes of the child parent
  2. The wishes of the child and his/her preferences regarding the custodial parent
  3. The relationship the child shares with both his/her parents
  4. Occurrence of ongoing abuse
  5. The health of the child
  6. A parentís physical limitation
  7. Mobility of homes
  8. Religious and racial considerations
  9. Income and wealth of parents
  10. Work patterns of the parent and time availability for the child
  11. Age and sex of the child and the parents
  12. The childís adjustment to his/her school, home and community
  13. Inability or refusal of the parent to work

You can have an edge over your ex-wife in your custody case, if you are able to improve your parenting skills and prove that you would be able to take proper care of your children under all circumstances.