Divorce advice for men who don't want a divorce

Divorce turns out be nerve wrecking and frustrating especially when one doesnít want a divorce. When one doesnít want a divorce and the other partner wants a divorce, one begins to feel helpless and sour.

Divorce advice for men who don't want a divorce

When your wife wants a divorce and you are not ready for divorce, you should keep in mind that no marriage or no relationship is perfect. Relationships and marriages donít always work out the manner in which one wants it to work.

When you realise that your partner wants a divorce, you should remember just because your present relationship is not working out, that doesnít mean even your future relationships would be under strain.

Advice for men who don't want a divorce

With your impending divorce, you would have to learn and deal with divorce in a manner by which it would not have a negative impact on your children and the family.

Avoid being harsh: Avoid being harsh on your wife, just because she is filing for divorce. One tends to be harsh and tries to push the other person away because of self-defense. It is perfectly normal to react badly towards someone who one loves and cares and the other person doesnít respond in the manner we expect. Men tend to find it extremely hard to cope with situation, when they have shown an extra effort towards a relationship and it has failed.

Donít expect the best: Avoid thinking that it is your wifeís duty to provide you with what you and what you expect. You should keep in mind that in a relationship both the husband and the wife are equals and there are no specific menís rights.

Avoid being forceful: There would be no point in thinking that you can force your wife to want and love you. No one can force someone to love and impose ones views on the partner. Even after your marriage and during your marriage, you canít force your wife to live with your forever. The best way to deal with such a situation is to take life as it comes and treat the person the manner in which they want to be treated.

Be appreciative and supportive: Whatever maybe the reason for your wife to file for divorce, you must ensure that you are there for your wife to be supportive and appreciative. Your partner needs your support and care the most during difficult times and you have to accept the fact that your partner has decided to move on in life without you.

Create an atmosphere which is cordial and supportive. Refrain from showing your anger, frustration and fear in front of your partner. Your wife should know that you would be able to cope with any situation.

If at anytime you feel that you canít cope with your impending divorce or with the fact that your wife has filed for divorce, you must seek professional help or individual counseling. A professional therapist would guide you through the entire process and help you maintain your sanity.