Dating advice for divorced men above 40

Being divorced and above 40 can be quite tricky and nerve wrecking. A man above 40 has other commitments which need his attention like his on going career. Being divorced and wanting to date would require a strategy in place all the time.

Dating advice for divorced men above 40

The soundest piece of advice for divorced men above 40 would be to try and meet women who are also above 40 years of age. It would be good idea to keep in mind that you wouldnít find a very young lady.

Dating advice and tips for divorced men above 40

  1. Try and find women your own age. Try and think of a place where you would be able to find women of your age group. Some of the places where you could end up finding women your age are: sports bar, gyms, the malls and the church. Likelihood of finding someone you could gel with would be in place you like to hang out.
  2. Seek a date or a woman who is similar to you. When you seek a woman similar to your temperament and taste thereís a likelihood that you would take to her instantly. If you are intellectual seek an intellectual woman. If you prefer women who like to have fun, seek out similar women. Donít make things difficult by comparing your dates to your ex wife at any time.
  3. Be patient. You must keep in mind that you wont find a woman you like the day to start dating. Only when you try hard and be patient would you find someone. When you begin dating, you should keep in mind not to look too eager. If you look desperate at any time, you would turn off your date from meeting you again.
  4. When you meet your date show interest in what she is saying. Remember to listen to make her feel important. The less you talk the more interested she would be in you. While dating it would be fine to mention to her that you are divorced, but donít keep talking about your past or your ex-wife.
  5. Try and be a mixture of naughtiness and goodness. Your date would like you more if your leave her interested in you. Donít say something what she might have heard before, think of something new and unusual to say to her.
  6. Show gestures of kindness to your date whenever you get the opportunity. Your date should know that you would stand up for her whenever required. Your woman should know that you are not dating her on a rebound and she also feel that she is important for you.

While dating be prepared for let downs, donít get discouraged when things donít go the way you planned. The more calm and cool you remain the better it would be for you.

The key to successful dating above 40 is to be confident and learn to reject rejection. Donít allow rejection to get the better of you at any time.