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Coping as a non custodial parent

Coping as a non-custodial parent can be quite difficult, since the mother in most cases has the custodial rights over the child. Fathers after divorce have to deal with whole lot of emotional baggage along with stress. When things donít go as planned, fathers have to deal with depression, anguish and helplessness with the thought of their children not being around them.

Coping as a non custodial parent-

Coping as a non custodial parent can be quite nerve wrecking but you can do it with some hard work and dealing with the situation in the right manner.

Tips on Coping as a non custodial parent-

Keep a journal: Keeping a journal is very important for the sake of your children. Your children would know that their father really did care for them, when they were young. In the journal you can jot down- how you spent time with your children, what kind of activities you shared with your children and how you helped them with school work.

Take pictures: Pictures are the best source of proof. Whenever you get to see and be with your children take pictures. You can take pictures when you pick them from the day care, when you take them for shopping or when they sleep alongside you on the couch. Children when young tend to forget certain aspects in relation to their childhood; with pictures you can preserve the memories for your children and for yourself.

Take gift pictures: You can show it your kids by taking pictures of the gifts you used to give them. Pictures are like proof for the care and love you showered on your kids. Your kids should know that their father did make an attempt to be with them and did work hard.

School copies: If in the past you were included in the educational requirements of your children, you can keep copies of their report cards, notices, presentations and award ceremonies. You can also get the teachers in the school involved to take pictures and they would also know that you really care for your children.

Donít bad mouth your ex-wife: Donít bad mouth the mother of your children at any time. Your children would not like to hear anything bad about their mother. When you talk ill about your wife, your children would loose respect for you. Keep in mind that your children have a relationship with your wife and she is their mother.

Give your child pace: Allow your kids to think for themselves. Donít impose your views on your children. Avoid supplementing their thinking and donít force them to take sides. While giving your child pace, you must discipline the kids. If at anytime you think that the behaviour is wrong or inappropriate, you must find ways to correct the same.

Be a friend to your children and let them know that you would always be there for them whatever maybe the circumstance or the situation. You can protect your childís well being by showering love and affection on them throughout their lives.

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