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When your wife announces that she wants divorce, your world gets shattered. A lot of emotional pain is inflicted even if both of you have seen it coming and it is like a bomb explosion. This announcement is the open admission that the person you have taken wows with, no more needs you. The promises of standing together in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart are no more valid. You have been rejected and this is a big blow to your emotional equilibrium as a man.

You may meet many men that complain about divorce settlements being unfair to them. These men relied on the advice from friends, relatives and lawyers. If only they had taken some pains to educate themselves before taking any steps. They went to fight without any army and lost everything. Donít let this unfair thing happen to you!

Get all the necessary information on divorce guide for men. This site will provide you with a road map through the complex maze of family law courts that tend to be mom biased. This site focuses on the rights of each father and child under certain laws, situations and circumstances. It will guide you about how child custody will be decided by the court. It will inform you about out of court settlements and negotiations and protect yourself from becoming a victim of the courts and your spouse.

You must have correct information before you see your divorce lawyer. You should know many things even before you hire a divorce lawyer. You will have to ask a few questions to the lawyer to see if he is the right one for your case. You will have to take steps to protect your finances to lead a smooth life during and after your divorce. Divorce has a grater impact on finances as issues like Alimony, division of property during divorce including retirement funds, How to liquidate assets during divorce, protecting your original assets during divorce, payment of debts during a divorce and others. You will have to be prepared for unfair property settlements, outrageous attorney fees and years of battling in the court if you are not aware of your legal rights.

You will have to fight for your rights as a father and get custody. You will have to think of your establishing paternity and visitation rights.

There is no need to face mental and emotional abuse in an abusive relationship. This site is there to help you to prepare a divorce checklist, divorce forms, filing for a divorce, types of divorce, divorce procedures, online divorce and all the divorce advice for men. It will also help you in matters of reconcile, mediation, legal separation, etc.

This site will help you answer all the questions from a mans point of view. It provides you with solutions to all the commonly faced problems as a man in divorce. The solutions and information is practical, easy and perfect for a man facing divorce.

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