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Each and every divorce in USA is recorded for official and public purposes. The record of these divorce cases is known as divorce files. These divorce records are also available for public use. Under the Freedom of Information Act, 1966, public can freely access the divorce details of anyone.

Divorce files are generally sought by people in order to verify whether the divorce has actually taken place or not. People getting married, or in affair can easily make sure that their boyfriend or girlfriend is actually separated from their previous partners by going through these files. This is important to verify in order to ensure a safe and happy married life.

Williamís wife had not yet divorced him and their divorce case was still pending in New Jerseyís family court. William shifted to California and was going through a bad financial phase. He met Fiona, who stayed in her apartment, and lured her for marriage. Fiona, not knowing the truth about Williamís past marriage fell in his trap and got married to him. Later when Williamís divorce case was over, he was ordered by the court to pay huge alimony to his ex wife. The whole burden of paying this money fell on Fionaís shoulder who regretted not having found about Williamís past.

Such events are very common now-a-days. Thus it is better to find out the truth about your would be spouseís past life. It is even more important if you have come to know him or her recently, or have no common friends. Pulling up divorce files and checking the details about his or her past marriage will disclose details like Ė announcement of the divorce legally, having liabilities like children from the past marriage, alimony paid and received in the divorce process, custody of the child, and other important details.

The divorce files are available with the state governments. The federal government is bound to maintain the divorce records in a central repository. However, not all states are flexible when it comes to sharing the records with public. Some states are very strict about revealing the data and do it only if convinced that the cause of verification is genuine. If you do not want to travel all the way to federal court then these files can also be accessed at the countyís courthouse.

Now-a-days many private services have come up that undertake the task of finding divorce records of an individual. So if you do not have the time and energy to go and find out the details about your would be then you can entrust these agencies with this job.

Divorce files are most readily sought after public records. In a country like USA where the divorce rate is so high and remarriages are common, such records mean a lot to the general public for their financial security and long lasting married life. Itís better to investigate and marry than to get married and regret later.

Whether yourself or through a professional service investigating about your fiancťes past life is only possible by tracing his or her divorce files. So donít try to close your eyes from the truth that can confront you sometime in future and make your married life turbulent.

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