Preparing for child custody evaluation

Child custody evaluation is a procedure which requires a lot of documentation. It would very important to be prepared if you desire the custody of your child after divorce.

Preparing for child custody evaluation involves an entire procedure, which needs to be followed in detail.

Preparing for child custody evaluation-

Child custody evaluation requires in-depth documentation. When you document every detail, the evaluator would know that you are able to back up the claims you have made in your case. It is important to back your case, since an agreement during divorce does usually happen in a peaceful manner.

Steps towards Preparing for child custody evaluation-

  1. During child custody there are a number of issues which have to be taken care of. It is extremely difficult to keep a track of every single issue. It is important to take note of every single issue which you are going through.
  2. The first step towards being prepared is to begin journaling. By journaling you keep a track of what you are going through and the issues you have to come face to face with. While journaling it would be important to keep an account of the dates, issues and times in one place. When you go for evaluation, the journal you have, would come in immense use. With a journal in hand, you would also be able to record all your thoughts.
  3. During evaluation, the evaluator would have to have information about every single issue. It would be your duty to put everything in order. It would be required by you to explain all the details to the evaluator and the reason why some issues hold more importance.
  4. When you have the required information along with the details in hand you would be more at ease. Being in tune with the details would also show that you care for your child.
  5. The evaluator should know that you are truly concerned about your child and your ex-wife is wasting time by sending useless information. The evaluator would like and favor you when you are truthful.
  6. When your evaluator meets you, the focus of the meeting would be on your conflict relationship. Make sure that the issues are focused on your child’s well being.
  7. You should always remember that the attention of the evaluator would always be on the child and not on personal attacks. You would have to point out to the evaluator that you are concerned about the child more than the other parent. Show the evaluator that the other parent is making false accusations, creating drama and mentioning moral issues which are of no importance.

It would work to your advantage when you document every single issue and every instance which caused anxiety. You should work towards documenting each email, text, conversation and phone call where there was no focus on the child from your ex-wife.

During evaluation, you should make sure that you do not exaggerate the truth at any time as it would be futile. Avoid getting pulled into unnecessary drama and time consuming conflicts.