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Pet Custody during a divorce

Pets are like children and are as important as children. Pets often become apart of ones family. Divorce by itself is a tiring and emotional process. If you want the custody of your pet you would have to prove in court that you are more suitable than your spouse to take proper care of your pet.

Though you maybe very close to your pet and consider your pet as your child, the courts wouldn’t be thinking or feeling in the same way. Courts classify pets as property. Courts on a general basis don’t take cases in regard to pets very seriously, for the same reason you would have to state the emotional problems when the pet is not around you.

Acquiring pet custody during a divorce is not easy; you would have to take the following issues into account to have an edge over your husband-

When was the pet procured?

Generally the partner who buys the pet before marriage would retain the pet even after divorce. If it was you who bought the pet before marriage and took the responsibility of your pet, the court would allow you to retain the pet.

With whom will the kids live?

Courts usually give preference to the place where the kids would be living, since courts feel that kids and pets form a bond from day one. There would be better chances that you get the custody of the pet, if your kids are living with you.

Who took care of the pet?

During marriage, if you were the main person to take care of the pet, then you would have much better chances of getting custody. Were you the one responsible for feeding and taking them for walk? If you were the one to spend quality time with your pets, the courts in most cases would let you retain the custody of the pet. The courts should have evidence and proof that you were the one who would handle the pet and take proper care of the pet.

Do you have sufficient resources to take care of the pets?

You should have enough space and resources to take proper care of the pets. You have to have time to spend with your pets. You would have to have enough resources to meet the demands and the requirements of your pet.

Are the pets show quality?

If your pets are show quality and they support you with a source of income, like in the case of competitions, you maybe liable to receive the custody. You may get the custody and it maybe required by you to split the income with your ex-husband. You must have records that you spent money on pet competitions.

The best way to get the custody of your pets during a divorce, would be talking it out with your partner. Explain to your partner that you take the pets as your children and life without their presence would not remain the same. Try and reach on an agreement outside the court, by doing so you would save on both time and money.

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