Iowa Divorce Custody

While handling Iowa divorce custody cases, the courts prefer joint custody for the child because the emphasis is on equal participation of both the parents in the welfare and upbringing of the child. There are two kinds of joint custody, joint physical custody and joint legal custody. In the former case, both the parents have custody rights regarding the residency of the child. They can take decisions regarding the physical residency of the child. In the case of joint legal custody, both the parents have the custody rights to take decisions of the child in the areas of health, schooling, education, religion etc. It can be so that a parent is awarded sole custody of the child but there is joint legal custody, so that both the parents have the right of decision-making in the life of the child.

Following factors are considered to award both the parents joint physical and legal custody in the state of Iowa: Any violation of the other parentís rights such as not extending child support or alienating the child from the other parent etc, are considered serious offences and treated as contempt of court. Offenders are found to be forfeited from their divorce custody rights and maybe arrested in some cases.