Indiana Divorce Custody

Across the vast expanse of USA, child custody guidelines are mostly same, except some slight variations across the states. Indiana divorce custody guidelines give the top most priority to the best interests of the child and is totally gender neutral. Meaning, child custody is awarded to the parent who fits the bracket in the eyes of the judge handling the divorce custody case in Indiana. Following are the general factors which are considered while deciding the matter of child custody in Indiana: Judges look at all these maters while deciding upon Indian divorce custody cases. In children above the age of 14, judges are seen finding the interests of the child and their parental preferences. Child support is to be given till the child becomes 18 years old and can be terminated if the child is emancipated as he/she may have joined the United States Armed Forces.

In Indiana courts, the amount of child support to be provided by the non-custodian parent depends on the financial capacity of the custodian parent also. The mental abilities of the child and his/her educational needs are also taken into consideration for arriving at a child support figure in Indiana divorce custody cases.

Hence, a whole gamut of child custody rights are considered so that the best interests of the child are not compromised. The benefits of a happy family and a pleasant home atmosphere should be provided to the child.