How to win custody

Divorce is a turbulent event for the entire family and more so when it involves children. Children often feel hurt, angry and upset with the entire divorce scenario. In the want to win the custody of child, you must keep the interest of your child in mind.

While preparing to win the custody of your child, you would have to be well prepared for the same. You would have to prove yourself in court that you are the most deserving parent.

The mother usually assumes the custody of the child in most cases. The mother gets substantial advantage, especially if the child is under 18 years of age.

Some steps towards winning child custody are-

Choose an appropriate lawyer: It would be essential to get an experienced lawyer to handle your case. Hire a lawyer who has several references of winning child custody cases. Hire a lawyer who is a certified family law specialist.

Organize your finances: Get hold of your finances. Your financial records have to be in good order. Ensure all your bank accounts and investment reports are in proper order. The courts should know that you would be able to take on the responsibility of your child.

Know what your child requires most: The more you know about the requirements of your child, the better you would fare in legal hearings. Keep a track on the expenses which would be required by you. You would have to know about the costs associated with bringing up your child in relation to clothing, food, child care and health care.

Mend your ways: Try and improve your ways. If in the past you were unemployed, indulged in an extra-marital affair, you must work towards mending your ways. Get a job and prove to the judge that you are trying your best to mend your ways.

Get proof: Show evidence in the court that you were the main parent taking care of your child. Avoid bad mouthing your spouse as far as possible. Show the judge the main underlying reasons for your seperation. Before making accusations you must get valid proof.

Points to keep in mind -

You should always remember that every country and state has diverse laws in relation to child custody. You would stand better chances of winning your case, if you are prepared and organized.

It would work to your benefit if you present your case well. When appearing for court hearings make sure that you wear appropriate clothes. You should be neat, tidy and conservative while appearing in the court.

Keep calm and cool during the court hearings. Do not loose your temper, even if your ex-husband bad mouths you. The judge would look favourably at your case when you show that you are well deserving and responsible parent of the two.

You must always keep in mind that you need to focus on your child. Reassure your child that they are loved and cared for. Your child should be rest assured that nothing would change for him/her under any circumstance or situation. Your child should know that divorce was not their fault.