Divorce Custody Questions

In divorce cases, the first thing that crosses the minds of the disputing partners is the custody of the child. To whom will the child live after the divorce till the child turns 18? Divorce child custody cases are long-drawn battles of contention where both the parents try to get the child for themselves. Needless to say, myriad divorce custody questions surface in the minds of the parents regarding custody.

Following are the topics which are generally raised in custody battles:

Divorce custody questions regarding visitations, grandparents custody, grandparents rights, children’s rights, child support, pet custody, joint or shared custody, sole custody, child support termination, non-parent custody and many more are asked by partners going through divorce and battling for custody.

Questions popularly framed: In any relationship going sour and ending up in divorce and custody battle, several questions emerge in the minds of the couples. They need to be sure of their rights and responsibilities also to understand the delicate issue that child custody is.