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Is “Child Custody” indeed a “battle”?

In almost all cases, yes!
When two people divorce and separate to go different ways, the children end up being pulled and torn apart between two disputing adults. The child custody hence, becomes a battle. It brings forth the fragility in the family with bitterness stripping the children of their innocence. No wonder, children tend to be the biggest losers in such cases.

The issues concerning child custody are plethora and this requires parents to necessarily join hands together for solving them. As incompatibility and lack of understanding had forced them to divorce, the problem confounds itself further.

What are the Issues that concern Child Custody after a Divorce?

Following are the issues that crop up during child custody:
  • Mitigating the emotional trauma

    Spouses may find each other not suitable to live together till eternity, but they must realize that it is their responsibility that the children are least troubled by their divorce proceedings. Their first concern should be hence, to tackle the emotional and mental trauma that their child might be undergoing. How best to lessen the impact of the divorce and child custody battle? How to handle a mentally “bruised” ward? Parents should gear up to answer these questions during child custody.

  • Instill sense of security

    Children with divorcing and disputing parents often are stressed out and feel utterly helpless. They feel alone, isolated and neglected. This issue should also be thoroughly discussed by the parents while proceeding for child custody. They need to provide a more sheltered and secure atmosphere for the child so that his/her self respect and confidence does not get eroded during custody battle.

  • Providing sound financial security

    All parents love their children. In divorce proceedings and consequent custody battle, however, they get emotionally charged and often overlook the financial needs of their growing child. Hence, it is imperative that the parents sit together to establish a secure financial future for their child and remember: The best should happen to the child.

  • Child should get a home: “sweet home”

    Perhaps the most critical issue during child custody after a divorce is to provide a home to the child. Though the affections of the parents towards their child are undisputed, however, parents should firmly believe in providing the best homely environment for raising their child. The home should be secure and provide all the warmth that nurtures a child.

  • Issues concerning visitations, weekend breaks, vacations

    Partners who are perusing child custody after a divorce should contemplate issues concerning how best to utilize the time of their child with the resources they have. As parents interested in upbringing of their child, they must make formal agreements regarding the vacation breaks of the child, weekend trips etc.

  • Relationship with the child’s mother/father with whom he/she does not live

    When one parent wins the physical custody of a child, it is often found that the parent tries to get the child away from his/her ex-spouse. This often confuses the child. The child may never forgive the parent who tore his relationship apart from his/her other parent. This again therefore, becomes an important child custody issue.

    Divorcing partners must realize the importance of the role of their “ex” in bringing up their child. There should be a clear understanding, and if possible, even a discussion on this matter between the divorcing parents.

    Child custody is indeed a battle. However, a better understanding of the myriad issues that concern it can help in tackling the bitterness better. The aim should be to raise sensible, understanding and happy children even after a bitter divorce.

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