Divorce Child Custody for Fathers

Divorce is the final termination of a marital union. But you cannot just cut-off from your previous life. During this painful procedure, ones emotions are in an upheaval. Children are the touchy issue of divorce. Since both parents play an important role, divorce child custody for fathers gives fathers right to claim for the custody of their child.

Court grants the custody to the most deserving parent, evaluating the financial security and parenting skills of the parent. Generally, the court awards the child custody to mothers. Court believes that mothers can provide primary care for their children. They are often involved in the responsibilities of raising and nurturing their children. But, fathers deserve every right to claim child custody and fight for it.

Here are some points regarding divorce child custody for fathers.

There are four types of custody:


A visitation tends to define how your time with your kid is spent. The father should discuss with a qualified divorce attorney who has experience in handling child custody and visitation issues. On the other hand, if the father is awarded full custody of children, mothers may seek for visitation rights. This is something that should be dictated by your wife’s ability to care for your children.

Consult with an attorney before your wife has the opportunity to file for a divorce. You require an attorney who will file a petition for custody and an access order. This will help you in protecting your lawful rights as a father.

Here are Some Tips regarding Divorce Child Custody for Fathers

  1. Make sure that your attorney tries to come to a written agreement with your wife’s attorney regarding the children. The agreement should include where the children will live, visitation schedules and how any child education expenses are to be handled.
  2. In the case there is a history of physical, mental or sexual abuse, visitation should be strictly monitored.
  3. In the case your wife has drug or alcohol addiction problem, you should make sure that visits are surprised.
  4. Make sure that your wife will arrive regularly for each visit and never miss a visit. Missed visit with a parent can be extremely harmful to your child.
  5. If the mother of your children consistently misses schedule of visitation, you should keep the document of every missed visit and talk to your attorney about it.
  6. These days, courts are accepting the joint parent custody mentality and favoring frequent and continuing contact with both parents as the best arrangement for the child. Joint physical custody means your child will get to spend equal time with both the parents.

More and more mothers agree on joint custody for the benefit of their children and also because they are benefiting from the shared parenting responsibilities as a result. It makes easy getting divorce child custody for fathers. Joint or shared custody can work only if the parents can come to a common understanding. In this case, both parents must be in agreement upon any major decisions about the child’s life.