Connecticut Divorce Custody

Child custody issue is perhaps the most traumatic in a divorce. As is true in most of the divorce custody laws in USA, Connecticut divorce custody laws also specify that thought the interests of the parents should be kept in mind, it is the ultimate responsibility of the State to ensure that the welfare of the child is not compromised. The best interests of the child should be met with whatever be the final decision of the custody case.

When minors are involved:

Child custody laws in Connecticut are very cautious regarding custody of minor children. Joint custody is preferably awarded in such cases to ensure that the child gets the benefits of both the parents and the parents also get the opportunity to have the pleasure of raising the child despite the divorce and separation. However, shared custody or joint custody is not awarded if one parent is found to have a detrimental effect on the child, in terms of abuse or being involved in substance abuse, child abuse, child neglect, have police records or history of domestic violence etc.

Following guidelines are adhered to by the courts of Connecticut while deciding for divorce child custody cases: All measures to ensure safety and security are taken to ensure that the child grows up in a healthy positive environment. State intervention is only made when divorced parents wish to battle out their custody issues in divorce courts. Otherwise, Connecticut courts recommend child custody mediation to settle the matter on child custody.