Child custody mediation

Child custody is a highly complex and crucial area of concern during and after divorce. Child custody issues are both emotionally tiring and costly. Child custody issues brings along with it aggravation and anxiety. Both the parents want custody for their children. You should work towards acquiring child custody through mediation, which would work out a proper workable schedule which would be approved by the judge.

Child custody mediation-

Parents during the process of child custody mediation work towards developing a plan for parenting and looking after their children after divorce. Mediation takes the help of a neutral third party. Mediation can be done privately and with the help of courts. The plan which is created with mediation is mutually agreed upon by both the parents.

The plan is structured in a manner which specifies the day to day share of children and other plans for vacations and holidays. When parents decide to work together on a parenting plan with mediation they can do so in a much healthier and positive way.

Children during the mediation process are less stressed and can avoid unnecessary loyalty conflicts. Children during the mediation process feel that they are free to do what they please.

Advantages of Child custody mediation-

The parents who participate in mediation are known to be quite satisfied with the process when compared to litigation. With mediation parents have a say and can control the parenting plan.

Mediation is a much healthier and simpler alternative when compared to litigation, since it involves mutual decision making and decreased bitterness and hostility. Couples who have chosen mediation have known to save up on unnecessary expenses and time.

Some Doís for child custody mediation-

  1. It would wise to approach child mediation with an open mind and a willingness to listen. You should listen to what your mediator has to say with an open mind. Be willing to compromise on various issues.
  2. Come prepared before your mediation sessions. You should be aware of all the important issues you would like to discuss.
  3. Focus on the needs of your child. Do what would be best for your child while remaining calm.
  4. You should be aware that the child would require the support and care from both parents in a comfortable environment.

Before going for mediation you should be prepared with:

  1. A flexible and an adjustable attitude
  2. A time sharing plan and a proposal for custody
  3. Go along with a calendar which recognises work schedules, school holidays and schedules for the childís activities.

Some doníts for child custody mediation-

  1. While trying to resolve a parenting plan, do not discuss property issues. When making a plan do not assume that all plans would be the same. Keep in mind that all children are different and have different requirements.
  2. Avoid focussing on parental requirements and refrain from bad-mouthing your husband.

During the entire process of child custody mediation, you should keep the interest of your child in mind. With child custody mediation, you can keep the parent- child relation intact.