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Divorce Guide

Child Custody during a divorce

Divorce is a time consuming process. The entire process with regard to child custody is extremely complex and tough. The battle for child custody can become extremely tedious when no action is taken on time.

Both the parents of the child should be well educated and aware, to understand the laws of the state, they are residing in. Each state would have different laws in regard to child custody. How much you may try to attain child custody during a divorce, the court would be the deciding factor. The benefit of the child should always be kept in mind during the entire process.

While awarding physical custody of the child to one parent the judge would take into account the following issues: the parents career graph, financial strength and ability and family stability.

Guidelines for child custody during a divorce-

  1. Begin the process of child custody by being prepared. You would have to think of all the various possibilities; you would have to come face to face with. Always remember that even your husband would want the physical and legal custody of the child.
  2. While planning to get custody of your child, start by making a list of all your strengths as a parent. Bring to light all your plus points as a parent. Make a list of details which would include- current support from family members, your financial position, your current employment and career standing. You should also mention details of your home environment. If you make your list, thinking from the judge’s point of view, you would be in a much better position.
  3. When planning for child custody, you should work towards hiring an experienced lawyer. Your lawyer should have complete knowledge about your case and about your divorce. Your lawyer should be able to handle the case in your favour. Some aspects which would be taken into consideration are; paying for child support, well being of the child, legal and physical custody arrangements between the parents.
  4. To get an edge over your ex-husband in your child custody case, it would be wise to educate yourself about all the legal proceedings. You must know about the state laws around child custody and find out what family courts look for making a concluding child custody decision. Your attorney would be able to tell you as to what information and legal documents you would require for your case.
  5. It would be a plus, if you investigate what your husband is up to and what he is planning. Try and get an idea on the child custody strategy followed by your husband.
  6. Inform the court with the help of a report as how you would provide for better quality life for the child. You can provide a better quality life in terms of good quality education and medical benefits.

The most important thing you must keep in mind while filing for child custody during divorce, is to avoid mental stress and trauma for the child. It would be most beneficial to seek legal advice in all matters.

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