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Virginia divorce court records

Virginia has tried to make the process of getting the divorce records a bit simpler, by providing information on the state’s judicial system website. Virginia divorce court records can be obtained through states department of health vital records or through circuit court in the county where divorce was granted. These records are vital records. They play important role in legal records and are accepted everywhere

With existence of freedom of information act, divorce records are now the public records. This means the records can be easily viewed by the public. There is no cost involved for viewing these records. Searching for these records is done by visiting the local government offices.

You can search for these records via internet, county courthouse or vital records

  • Search through internet: log onto website of Virginias judicial system .click on the Virginias court system from the side menu. Click on circuit courts. You will find the box highlighting information menu, click on that and select the count where divorce was granted. Enter the name, case number and date of divorce in search box.
  • Search via county courthouse: visit the county court where divorce was granted. Provide the case number or divorced couples name to the county clerk along with your photo identification. Pay the search fee and county clerk will search the records for you.
  • Search via vital records: Download the vital records application of Virginia department health. Scan the form of photo identification. Attach the application for and photo id and send an email to Virginia department of health vital records department.

Divorce records of Virginia are maintained at vital records office. The records from 1918 are maintained. For 50 years they aware kept confidential, now they are freely available for public view. It contains information relating to family law like alimony, property division, child custody and visitation. It shows up the filing number, decree, asset division and settlement and other information.

Guidelines for getting the divorce records:

Send the information in self addressed stamped envelope which can help in speedy delivery. Mention the name and other necessary information of both divorced parties in detail to avoid confusion. State the date and place where divorce was granted. Mention the reason for which you are seeking for records. Keep explanation short simple but brief. Do not forget to include your relationship with the persons listed in your search request.

List of few Virginia divorce court records county along with the telephone numbers are given:

  1. Commonwealth of Virginia Telephone: (804) 662-6200
  2. Albemarle County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (434) 296-5841
  3. Bath County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (540) 839-2361
  4. Carroll County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (276) 728-3331
  5. Emporia County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (804) 348-4215
  6. Falls Church County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (703) 248-5096
  7. Galax County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (540) 236-2131
  8. King George County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (540) 775-3322
  9. Louisa County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (540) 967-0401
  10. Orange County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (540) 672-4030
  11. Prince Edward County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (434) 392-5145
  12. York County Virginia, Divorce Records Telephone: (757) 898-0200

Finding online Virginia divorce court records are the best way to get the records in short time. You can find many websites that can provide you with the information of these records along with their links

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