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Virginia Beach Divorce Court

The end of a relationship, even a short one is stressful. Ending a marriage is a huge step that makes one’s life depressed. But this is a must when there is no hope to fix the marriage which is having severe problems. The Virginia Beach divorce court Judicial System has three courts to deal with divorce.

The three courts are: the Circuit Court, the General District Court and the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

File for Divorce in Virginia Beach

To begin divorce proceedings in Virginia Beach divorce court, at least one spouse needs to be a Virginia resident or a military member residing in the state for six months to file for divorce.

You will have to file for divorce in the Virginia Circuit Court in your county or city. If you live somewhere else in Virginia Beach, you will file for divorce in the Virginia Beach Circuit Court.

Grounds for Divorce in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach divorce court law allows Virginia Beach residents to file for either a fault-based divorce or a no-fault divorce.

If you want to get a no-fault divorce, you should simply state in divorce papers that the marriage has become ‘insupportable’. This means you and your spouse have quarrels and there's no hope for reconciliation.

Grounds for a fault-based divorce in Virginia Beach divorce court are as follows:

  • Disloyalty
  • Crime conviction and imprisonment of the defendant for one year after the marriage occurred.
  • Any physical or mental torture which causes danger to the safety or health of the applicant.
  • In the case of abandonment for one year or more
  • If the husband and wife have lived separately for three years
  • Confinement due to mental illness for three years

Virginia Beach Divorce Court Property Division & Alimony

Property gained during your marriage is divided equally when you divorce. Virginia Beach divorce court considers the property gained before marriage and property obtained during marriage by gift or legacy as separate property.

Under certain situations, the Virginia Beach Circuit Court will order a spousal support. Your Virginia Beach divorce lawyer can help to fulfill the necessities.

Virginia Beach Child Custody & Child Support

Virginia child custody law needs the Virginia Beach Circuit Court to make custody decisions. The decision is based on what is the best interest of the child. The court will judge joint custody if it is in the best interests of the child.

Parents share the child support amount in Virginia. The paying parent can make online payments through Virginia ‘$4KIDS’ when Virginia Beach Circuit Court decides child support. The child support is then rewarded to the other parent.

You can always seek for legal help. A Virginia Beach divorce lawyer can help you by:

  • Filing any and all court cases concerning divorce
  • Research any changes to Virginia legal marriage law
  • Register all property to be divided.

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