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Oklahoma divorce court

Once you file for divorce in Oklahoma divorce court, the clerk and judge will read all the documents and conduct the hearing. If the case goes on trial basis, the jury will consider the important issues in your divorce case. The records pertaining to divorce case are maintained by the designated court clerk. The divorce court undertakes the issues related to family law as well.

To file for divorce in Oklahoma certain residential requirements and grounds should be considered. Like any other state Oklahoma has its own divorce laws which are necessary to be followed. Either of the spouses filing for divorce must have been resident for at least six months before filing the petition.

Oklahoma divorce court grants divorce on two types of grounds. Fault basis and no fault basis. Under no fault ground, the court grants the divorce for no understanding among the partners. The fault grounds includes: adultery, mental or physical cruelty, fraud, imprisonment, impotence, addiction or gross neglect of duty towards family.

Primary issues discussed in Oklahoma divorce court includes:

Child custody, where court make sure that decision is to be made which is beneficial for children. It involves factors like parenting, education and visitation.

Child support resolve issues where children by providing financial security to children. It includes factors like standard of living and emotional needs of the family.

Property division includes division of assets and debts to make in such a way that future problem will not arise.

Process of filing divorce in Oklahoma divorce court:

The process of divorce comprises of: filing for the divorce suit, and court finds out valid grounds to provide divorce to the couple. The process starts when petition is filed and ends when decree is signed by the court.

  • Identify the residential requirements and grounds mentioned by the Oklahoma law and fulfill the rules accordingly. Once all the requirements are met file for the petition. Make sure you complete all the information and file divorce papers and forms accordingly.
  • If you want to discuss the issues related to family law, make a request accordingly. The court will take these issues on trial basis and passes the judgment after the discussion.
  • Make the copies of all the documents and file the petition and other documents with the court. Serve the petition to the spouse. The spouse should respond soon
  • If you have decided for uncontested divorce, submit the waiver of process signed by your spouse
  • Once all the procedure is completed, attend the scheduled court dates and follow the process as instructed by the court, until the court grants for divorce.

As divorce includes many legal and financial consequences, both the parties should hire a lawyer for advice and better assistance. The spouse can also prepare and file the paperwork without a lawyer. It is advisable of not taking children to the divorce court unless your lawyer tells you. The process can take time to get finish up, depending on how complicated issues are. Oklahoma divorce court keeps the issue of children as the priority to solve if they are involved. You have to follow the particular set of rules for filing in divorce court.

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