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Oklahoma divorce court records

Divorce records can be required for many reasons. They can be used for future purposes also. Oklahoma divorce court records are important event records helping the state in different ways. The divorce in Oklahoma is filed with the county court where the petitioner stays. Once the divorce is final, the document is maintained by the county clerk of court.

Divorce records can be useful in many situations. Other than county court, you can also find divorce records in family documents or church records. The divorce records are open for public and can be viewed by anyone. There is no fee required for viewing the Oklahoma divorce records. You can also visit few online website to get the more information of getting the divorce records.

How to find the Oklahoma divorce court records?

  • Visit the Oklahoma county clerk of the local office. It is located on fourth floor of Oklahoma county building. The building is located at 217 north Harvey avenue, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma 73102
  • To get the divorce records is a part of legal process. Appoint a lawyer who can assist you in locating the divorce files.
  • To search for the files, you need the petitioner and respondents full name. It is also advisable to state the year when divorce was finalized. This can help for the quick access.
  • Once the lawyer finds the records, he/ she will allow you to view records in the secure room.
  • Return the records to the lawyer once you are finished viewing them. If you want to get copies of the documents, inform your lawyer about it. Pay the lawyer necessary fees for the copy.
  • From June 2010, the fee varies depending on the number of copies ordered. Processing fees and request procedures vary from each county. You should contact the clerk directly to understand the procedure.

Guidelines for requesting the divorce court records.

Keep your letters short and simple. Provide complete information of both parties and reason for which you need documents. Make the enquiry of the fess to get the copies of records. Once you receive that you can get send the exact amount to the clerk. Always provide necessary information with the self addressed stamped envelope. It should include, date of request, full name of both the spouses, date of marriage and divorce, the reason to get the records, and county where the marriage license was issued.

The list of few Oklahoma state court network is provided where you can get the divorce records.

  1. Adair county clerk
  2. beaver county clerk
  3. Alfalfa county clerk
  4. Atoka county clerk
  5. beck ham county clerk
  6. carter county clerk
  7. Garfield county clerk
  8. Dewey county clerk
  9. Harmon county clerk
  10. Ellis county clerk
  11. Jackson county clerk
  12. Kingfisher county clerk

You can also make a good search of the websites, for more information about the mentioned counties. One can access all information online without any cost. Oklahoma divorce courts records are regulated by the state .the records related to divorce cases are al recorded by the designated court clerk. Now a day’s digitalization of these records has ensured that the records are stored for the long time and could be viewed without any difficulties.

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