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Nevada Divorce Court

In order to file for divorce in Nevada, residency requirements must be met for the court to accept the case. Either party must reside in the state for a period of 6weeks before filing. The divorce petition can also be filed with the district court of the county depending on the residence of either party. It can be also filed in the county where the cause of divorce occurred.

In Nevada divorce court, the grounds for filing a divorce are:

  • The husband and wife have lived separately and apart for 1 year
  • Incompatibility

Documents required for filing a divorce:

  • Marriage certificate, Residency proof
  • Divorce complaint form, Petition stating dissolution of marriage
  • Judgment for dissolution of marriage, Verification statement

The divorce issues that are discussed in Nevada divorce court are:

Property Distribution

Nevada is a community property state. Community property means if the parties do not mutually agree with the division of marital assets, the court divides it equally. Many factors are considered in division of marital property. The contribution of each spouse in gaining the marital property is considered. If a party has contributed for separate property to acquire or improve the jointly held property, the court reimburses for his or her contribution.

Alimony/Spousal Support

Alimony or spousal support is granted to either of the spouses. Not all cases involve spousal support from the other spouse. The spousal support can be temporary or permanent depending on the financial background and need of each spouse. The source of income of each party is considered by the court. Based on these factors, a particular amount is decided by the court to be given to either of the spouses.

Child Custody

In determining the custody, the child’s interest is the only factor which is considered by the Nevada divorce court. If the court sees that joint custody would be best for the child, the court may grant custody to the parties jointly.

In determining the best interest of the child, the court considers all these factors mentioned:

  • The child’s wish for his custody
  • Any nomination by a parent for the child is considered. The level of conflict between the parents is also thought about.
  • The capability of the parents to fulfill the needs of the child
  • Physical and mental health of the parents and emotional and physical needs of the child are considered too.

Child Support

In Nevada divorce court, child support is the main issue to be discussed. Nevada court has certain child support guidelines which help to determine the appropriate child support amount. The guidelines will be applicable if any of the parents do not agree on certain issues.

The court considers the following factors before declaring certain amount for child support:

  • The cost of health insurance and the cost of child care, special educational needs and age of the child.
  • Services contributed by either of the parties and any other expenses required for supporting the child.

Nevada divorce court is strict when it comes to child custody and support. All the paperwork would be managed by the district clerk or the clerk’s assistant. For easy and less time consumption, keep all the documents ready.

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