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Houston divorce court

If you and your spouse are staying in Houston, Texas and planning to get divorced, Houston divorce court can help you in the process. Like any other cities, Houston has its own family law court. Before you file the petition make sure you fulfill all the residential and state laws requirements as mentioned. To follow the legal process of the court is time taking. Make sure you follow legal advice of the lawyer to make end up your case.

Houston divorce court deals with many issues related to family law. Other than family law, issues related to domestic violence, annulments, debt, tax and marriage dissolution are also discussed. The superior divorce of Houston provides with the information materials related to issues of child custody and support to Houston county divorce. The issues of children are the priority in the court proceeding during the divorce process. Family law issues like:

  • Child support involving factors that can provide security to the child for future. Financial resource standard of living and emotional needs are the terms to be considered.
  • Child custody involving factors like parents wishes, child adjustment to home and child’s preference.
  • Property division is an issue to be discussed by both the spouses mutually. The division of assets and debt should be made in such a way that there won’t be any future issue arising.
  • Alimony this issue depends on the factors indicating the marriage break-down. Issues like mental stress, physical condition and standard of living are involved.

The parties filing for divorce in Houston must have lived in Harris county for at least 90 days soon after the proceeding the petition filing. You can file for divorce in Houston on fault or no fault basis. Filing a no fault divorce is popular among the parties, where all the issues are agreed before the file. When you choose the grounds like cruelty, adultery or physical abuse, you should have a sufficient proof stating that reason you requesting for divorce. Process of divorce in Houston is:

  • Prepare the petition for filing the divorce. Visit the local court to collection the divorce petition. The court can also guide you in completing the form
  • Once you fill up the petition form, attach a pre-nuptial agreement with it. This is to be submitted to the court.
  • File the necessary forms and papers that should be attached with the petition .file the documents to the court by post
  • Serve the spouse with the petition and other necessary documents. You may have to pay the cost for serving that is around $50.
  • Once you get your spouse response you have to wait for the judge’s decision to grant the divorce. Before you submit the copy of petition and formal separation agreement to the court, seeking for divorce.
  • The judge will then sign the divorce decree once he finds that all the requirements are met to get divorced.

Most of the cases hearing are done within 90 days. Filing in Houston divorce court house is the simple procedure that involves a divorce reason and property division

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