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Hawaii divorce court

Hawaii divorce court deals with the family law issues and separation issues taking place in Hawaii. They are mostly handled through the family court. The divorce act is the law made by Hawaii parliament which is equally administered across all the territories. It states that the family court will deal with all the divorce cases, as per the Hawaii law.

If you decide to file for divorce in Hawaii, make sure you fulfill all the residential requirements and grounds that are applicable by Hawaii law. It requires at least one of the spouses to have lived in the Hawaii state for at least six months before filing the petition. Only one spouse must have lived in the circuit where divorce will be filed for at least 3 months under the divorce law of Hawaii.

Hawaii deals with the no fault divorce, which means under Hawaii divorce law there are no fault grounds for divorce. The parties must have lived separately for the period of two years or more under the decree of separate maintenance. Other grounds like cruelty, adultery, metal heath problems are also acceptable for filing the divorce.

Process of filing the divorce in divorce Hawaii court:

  • Fulfill all the grounds and residential requirements that are legally acceptable by court.
  • Appoint the lawyer who can advice you in your case. It is an advantage to have a lawyer who can understand all the related issues and laws.
  • You have to file the divorce papers to the judicial district court where you star. You can get the divorce forms at Hawaii state judiciary website. Note that teach island have a spate form.
  • Pay the necessary filing fee to the Hawaii state judiciary. If children are not present in the issues, the fee is $175
  • Hawaii state judiciary conducts the divorce law seminars, attending that can guide you well in the divorce case. You can clear your doubts related to the issues for which you filing the divorce. Attend the court hearing and get the decree once, divorce is granted by the court.

Documents required for filing in Hawaii divorce court

The person should have a complaint for divorce and a decree of divorce document. There are few other documents required to finalize the divorce as per Hawaii law it include matrimonial action sheet, marital settlement agreement, income and expense statement and appearance and waiver document

It deals with issues related to family law that includes child support, child custody, alimony, property division and debt a issues. Hawaii is refereed as the equitable distribution state, hence the court will divide the property as evenly, as the court finds it fit. Division will be as follows:

The court will classify the property and debt that is considered marital; the court will then assign the monetary value on the marital property and will distribute the assets between the parties in equitable and fair way.

The best way to get through the Hawaii divorce court is to have all the information before the proceedings. The state has different laws, so it is advisable to check your individual laws of state and restriction.

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