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Free divorce court records

Divorce records are the vital documents maintained by the civil authorities. These records can be divorce decree or divorce certificates. They are filed in the county where divorce was granted. Free divorce court records come under state jurisdiction, and are the records by law maintained in most of the states. They are authorized by Freedom of Information Act (FOLA) to be available for the public.

The information included in divorce court records includes the information of divorced parties, date and place where divorce was granted and issues including alimony, child custody, child support, property division and debt payment. These records can be used when you need o know the financial agreement with your ex-spouse regarding alimony and debt or to check on peoples marital background.

There are two versions of divorce court records: Fee divorce records or Free for divorce records. There is a vast difference between these two types. You need to access the free divorce court records when:

  • Original copies get destroyed because of unavoidable reasons
  • To check the status of the individual you planning to get married

Free divorce records are available online also. People choose for free records as it is immediate and convenient. You have to provide less information to make the search simpler. The accuracy and quality remains good. Websites civilrecords.com, state divorce recods.com is more reliable. Online search system allows you to do the quick search. You can visit the links to other states at ‘The Background Network’

In order to search the free data records, fill the online form, the search results will include the information of petitioner and respondent name, county, decree date and decree type.

Finding free divorce court records

To find the divorce record you need to know the basic information of the person you are searching for. Information that can help in the search can be: full name of the individual, name of the person with whom divorce was made, county where papers were filed and divorce was finalized, current or previous address and date of the final decree.

Records are freely available to public. You need to visit the county clerk office where divorce was granted. Most of the state maintains the records at state and county office for convenience. Though to see the papers cost no charge but if you wish to get the copies of records you will be charged for it. To find the ways to get the easy access to no-cost divorce records in your county, you need to call the clerk’s office.

Send the mail by self addressed stamped envelope. Mention the exact reason for getting the records. Make it simple and brief to the point. Provide the basic information of the divorce parties and relation with the individuals of whose records you wish to search. The data available in free divorce court records is accurate and reliable.

Getting the access to free divorce court records may be more time consuming sometimes. Knowing the individual’s information that you are looking for and the country where divorce was finalized is the most important part to begin your search.

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