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Divorce court records

Divorce courts records are considered one of the important components data located within state and corresponding county. Divorce records can be either divorce decree or divorce certificates. These records can be accessible by anybody. They are maintained at the local courthouse where divorce was finalized. Since divorce records are under the state jurisdiction, they are uploaded to state record office.

Information in divorce court records

The information available in these records includes all personal and basic details of divorcing parties. It also includes family law issues related to alimony, child custody, child support, and debt and property division. Financial issues are also addressed. Other than these grounds for divorce, filing number and settlement are also mentioned. Date and place where divorce was finalized are also provided to make the search simpler.

These records can be used to check the marital status of the individual or support the legal process. Some people also need the copy of divorce records to check the financial arrangement with the ex-spouse on alimony and debt issues. There are two versions of divorce court records, free and paid. In both the versions, the information provided is brief and accurate.

Divorce records contain all the necessary paperwork in regard to specific case. The party filing for divorce is known as petitioner and the other party is known as respondent, both the parties with the help of the lawyers negotiate the settlement. Once all the arrangements are finalized, judge signs the divorce decree which is then filed with the county clerk to become the part of divorce court records.

Finding divorce court records

You can take help of the lawyer or visit online website for searching the papers. Copies of final decree are available to the divorced parties and their lawyers unless, someone is allowed by the court to access them. General information like name and details of parties and place where divorce was granted can be viewed by public. It can be helpful to find the lost family members.

You can find the divorce records by sending the mail to the address where records are located. Send the mail in self addressed stamped size envelope. Your request should be simple and to brief to the point. Mention your relation with the persons of whose records you wish to search. Specify the exact reason for getting the records. The data available in the records is accurate and reliable.

You can search and view the divorce records free of cost but if you wish to get the copies of these records, you will be charged for it. You can ask for the records by mail, in person or by fax also. List of locations of few famous divorce court records along with their contact number is mentioned:

  1. Alabama -Alabama Center for Health Statistics (334) 206-5418
  2. California - Department of Health Services (916)445-2684.
  3. Delaware (1935-1975)- Division of Public Health (302)739-4721
  4. Georgia -Georgia Division of Public Health (404) 679-4775
  5. Illinois -Illinois Department of Public Health (217) 782-6553
  6. Kentucky -Cabinet for Health Services (502)564-4212
  7. Maine -Maine Office of Vital Records (207) 287-31
  8. New York -New York Department of Health (518) 474-3077 Fax: (518) 474-9168
  9. Wyoming -Wyoming Vital Records Service (307) 777-7591

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