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When you file for divorce at your local divorce court, clerk and the divorce court judge will check all the documents and conduct the hearing and make decision on the case. The most important person you will have to deal in whole divorce process. Judge also acts as a referee in many cases. He sets the schedule of the hearing.

The family divorce court judge is assigned with the job of taking the life decisions of you and your spouse after divorce. The judge tries to resolve the issues related to alimony, child custody, child support, property division and debt payment. It is the duty of the judge to put the issues of children in priority list of resolving. Judge is responsible for making the decisions that could affect both the parties throughout the life.

A divorce court judge handles some of the most challenging and interesting cases in the judicial system of United States. In few jurisdictions, a person is nominated to the bench, whereas in few locations of the country, governor appoints the judge. A professional lawyer can also become a judge once he achieves all the professional objectives.

The initial requirement to become the judge is to be a graduate from law school and passing the examination

  • Before you seek for election it is advisable to get the practice law for a certain period. The period of practicing varies from state to state. Minimum five years of practice is necessary in most of the states. It is now necessary to be specializing in sum divorce law to become a judge.
  • File for office candidate at the jurisdiction where judges are elected. The process of filing to become a judges position is made at the election county’s official state.
  • You have to also request the chief judge of the court after election for the position of divorce judge.
  • You have campaign for a judgeship. Make yourself familiar with code of judicial conduct on your state that provides campaigning for a judge’s position.
  • Apply to local judicial nominating committees for the vacancy of bench. In few states, you are appointed to the bench but again you have to make a request to the chief judge for divorce court service.
  • Appear for the formal interview of judicial nominating committee. This committee suggests the name of three individuals to the governor of state for the position of judge.

The governor makes the final appointment of the judge. The judge is the person who decides on division of financial property. He/ she decide in who gets what property and who will have the Childs custody or who have to pay the debts. If your case goes on trial basis, the divorce court judge determines what ate the important issues in your case. There are situations where judges also find themselves unable to resolve the difficult issues n their own. During such situation you can file for divorce in pro se method, which means you can file for divorce on your own.

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