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Divorce court is a court room themed show which is going on from many years. It is one if the oldest and earliest reality based TV show. The original divorce court was started in 1957. It lasted for almost 12 years. Divorce court episodes involve two divorcing parties seeking for the judge’s decision and solving the issues. Most episodes had the case of betrayal or trust related issues.

In old versions of divorce court episodes from 1950’s and 1960’s Judge Voltaire Perkins used to make decisions on the cases. From 1980 William B knee played the strong role of judge. In current version of divorce court, Judge Lynn Tyler is playing a positive role of judge making most of the cases successful.

Each divorce court episodes follow the basic formula as follows:

  • The basic summary of both the parties and there grounds and issues of divorce is introduced by the announcer
  • Both the parties lawyer gives the opening statement
  • The parties along with few witness explain their story and cross examination is done
  • Closing argument is made
  • The judge makes the decision after listening to both the parties

Most of the episodes had included marital issues like adultery, cruelty, impotency, mental health problem or irreconcilable differences. Case presented in every episode presenting divorcing parties and their lawyers. Parties also bring issues like alimony, child custody, child support, visitation, property division and debt payment. Divorce court also focused on many sensational cases with shock value examples:

  • A father who involved his children in accidents so that he could collect the insurance money .he would pay them in presents or other rewards
  • The women who use to host the male stripper parties for the reason that her husband was working late and had suspected of his own affair
  • In one episode a couple named ted haggard and his wife Gayle had come on the show for divorce. Ted was one of the most respected Christian leaders until his secret unfolded in media, stating the blame of drug fuled and affair with a male prostitute.
  • In one of the episode there were a couple named shanbie seamster and Duvall seamster seeking for divorce. In their case, she blamed him selling of her dog for money whereas he said the she knew she was marrying a ladies’ man.
  • In one episode there was story of a wife having an affair with the milkman and the husband’s mother interfering and ultimately ruining their marriage.

In few Divorce court episodes, the judges withhold the decision to give the couple time to think about their relation one more time. The judge’s decision on this TV show is legally binding. In few episodes to increase the TRP rate, the actors were also hired to show some action in the show, making it quite interesting. The current episodes of toler are original syndicate shows. The repeat telecast of toler season is available on fox reality channel. Various episodes of judge Ephraim are also broadcasted on TV one demand.

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