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Divorce court costs

How much the divorce court cost? Depends on the issues on which you will be dealing within court where you reside. Larger the city more will be the court cost. The major costs of court also depend in solicitor’s fees, if you wish to hire one. Divorce court is the place where two parties seek for the court’s decision to get divorced and discuss on other issues. Both the parties usually pay their filing court and legal costs.

The very first thing one should consider for choosing divorce is about dollars and cents. Once the legal process starts you will have take many things into consideration. Right from filing fees till lawyer’s fees are included in the divorce court costs. This makes the process expensive. Situation also comes where court have to make decision of paying the legal costs of other spouse.

In case if you do not have enough money to pay the divorce court cost, you can ask for waiver of you cost depending on your monthly income. You should expect following expenses when you go to the divorce court:

  • Lawyer fees and sometimes if court decides situation will also come where you have to pay your spouse’s lawyer fees
  • Other than lawyer you will also have to other experts like a divorce financial analyst.
  • Depositions fees that can arise
  • Fees related to expense that can be needed during discovery phase.
  • Travel expense if you need to travel for long distance.

These are the financial expenses which you need to keep in mind before visiting court. Other than this there are also filing expenses mentioned along with the amount which can give you rough idea about the expenses:

  1. Dissolution of Marriage $321.00
  2. Legal Separation $321.00
  3. Annulment $321.00
  4. Petition for Paternity $316.00
  5. Petition for Voluntary Paternity $316.00
  6. Petition to Establish Support / Custody $251.00
  7. Response to Dissolution of Marriage $256.00
  8. Response to Legal Separation $256.00
  9. Response to Annulment $256.00
  10. Response to Paternity $251.00
  11. Response to Establish Support / Custody $186.00
  12. All Post Decree filings (modifications, enforcement or other actions) $81.00
  13. Appearance Fee (Divorce cases) $256.00
  14. Appearance Fee (Paternity cases) $251.00
  15. Order of Protection N/C

Make sure when you decide to pay the necessary filing fees, make enquiry from the courts clerk.

Few issues determining the divorce court cost are:

The more you and your spouse decide to settle down the issues outside court, less you both will have to pay for court expense. Try to settle down the issues of child custody or support outside the court. This will save your time and money as well. It is always advisable to hire a lawyer when you go for legal process. In most of the divorce cases, lawyer’s expense is usually high.

If marital property and debts are accumulated on large scale among the parties, then your lawyer will appoint a financial analyst. You will be expected to pay for this also. For the issues like child custody or support, if the court appoints a guardian ad litem, this expense will also get added.

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